‘Jeans were tight and hair was big’: My College Days

1989 Mohawk College Fennell CampusI went to Mohawk for Business Administration right after high school; 1987 through 1990. It was a different time from the hyper-sensitive, politically correct generation of today. Jeans were tight and hair was big; people talked on phones and face-to-face and we were there to learn something so we could get a job and get on with life.

I remember those awesome chocolate brown bricks were still pretty cool. I couldn’t figure out what career options those students in F-Wing could ever have.

The 4.77 mhz IBM Personal Computers were blazing a trail through BBSs around the globe and the World Wide Web was just an embryo at the time.

You could smoke just about anywhere around Mohawk and spending more than an hour in the Arnie increased your chance of developing COPD by 1000%! I remember having an accounting class in a portable classroom outside of F-Wing where the teacher said it was OK to smoke in class if we sat in the back row by the windows! Awesome!

I liked Mohawk so much I came back in 1995 through 1998 to take Computer Systems Technology. I was 10 years older than the “kids” in my class and although I felt like a 19 year old, I didn’t fool any of my classmates.

I had a wife, kid, house, a job, a business and money, so naturally my classmates thought I was either a drug dealer or undercover narc. My experience and wisdom was respected especially in group work. I was proud to know that I was in one of the last classes to learn dinosaur technology like assembler programming and mainframe computers. The funny thing is, that I made a great career out of it and I’m still doing it today!

The computer lab was overrun with nerds setting up LAN games of Quake. The lab administrators lost control between shutting down Quake hosts and spooling the tractor feed paper into the dot matrix printers. Smoking policy had changed considerably in ten years and most notably, attitudes changed. Mohawk wasn’t just “Slowhawk” anymore. It was a destination of choice, not necessity.

Today Mohawk offers great programs in great facilities with great people. Everything I’ve learned at Mohawk I have used in my career. I like to think that old guys like me, from back in the day, played a part in shaping the direction of what Mohawk is today! All the best for another 50 years of Mohawk success!

Rob-Kulig-Headshot-2015– Robert Kulig
Computer Systems Technology ‘98

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