One Year In the Life: 2017 Grads

mohawk-winter-january2017 is an important year for Mohawk College. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the College.

While we are sure to spend time looking back on where we’ve been, the Alumni Blog will have a special feature too. One week each month we will check-in with three students as they finish their final semesters and prepare for final exams, graduation, and their future career.

Meet the 2017 grads:

Alex 200Alex – Financial Services, ’17

Hello fellow students, alumni and any other readers. My name is Alex Kaulback and I am in my final semester of Financial Services. During my second year, here at Mohawk, I held the Director of Business on the Mohawk Students’ Association Board of Directors 2016-2017.  I have really been enjoying my time here at Mohawk and its crazy how fast it is flying by, but also crazy how I got here.

I never planned on going to college straight out of high school or even Mohawk for that matter, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. School was never one of my favourite things, until I came to Mohawk. I always had a slight interest in business, and one day I was at my bank opening a savings account and learning more about my own money and I was inspired by the financial advisor that was helping me. At that point I knew what I wanted to do and I chose to go to Mohawk. I also liked the idea of going to school close to home.

Upon starting at Mohawk, I told myself I would get involved with school and I quickly found out about the Mohawk Students’ Association. I met some of the current board members, became friends with them, and ran for the next election. Going to Mohawk College and being on the MSA Board of Directors is one of the best things I have done with my life so far, it has really helped me plan my future goals and what I want to do with my life.

Chanchal 200Chanchal – Canadian Health Care for Foreign Trained Professionals, ’17

My name is Chanchal Kalia and I achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery from India. While doing my dental graduation, I was awarded with a distinction in Microbiology and Pathophysiology. I am a registered dentist with the Punjab Dental Council, and I am also a member of the Indian Dental Association.

I have chosen to be in the Canadian Health Care Program, in order to improve my communication skills and excel in different aspects of health care. I believe having a diploma from a Canadian college will provide a huge benefit towards my future success.

I have been an active member of co-curricular activities at Mohawk College. I recently volunteered for Day One Orientation, Start Smart, President-Meet and Greet, and International Orientation, which have helped me to improve my networking skills. I attended the Mohawk Student Leadership Academy program last summer, Student Leader Development Series, Bringing in the Bystander Session, Leadership and Conflict session, where I got a chance to learn the leadership qualities. These sessions motivated me to get more involved in the campus and boosted my confidence to the next level which will help me to fulfill my goals. Also, i am involved in the International Peer Mentor Program, where I am assisting two students to get adapted to the new cultures in Canada  and the Mohawk college.

I am a Writing Centre Peer Tutor at the IAHS campus, where I am helping students with their communication courses and essays. In the future, I will continue to prove myself academically, as well as in various college activities, so that I will continue to be a part of the Mohawk college family.

Natalie 200Natalie – Occupational and Physiotherapist Assistant, ’17/ Health, Wellness & Fitness, ’15

Hello everyone, I am Natalie Fisher and I have been at Mohawk College for 5 years. I started in the Bachelors of Nursing program. I completed one year and decided the nursing program was not for me, but I wanted to stay in the health field and that is when I found the Health, Wellness and Fitness program which I graduated from in 2015. After graduating I still felt like I needed more education to build a better career for my future. I decided to take the Occupational and Physiotherapist Assistant Program (OTA/PTA) which I am on track to graduate in October 2017.

I chose the OTA/PTA program because the thing that puts a big smile on my face is helping others. This career will allow me to help patients in many ways. It is a rewarding profession and I cannot wait to get started.

In my years at Mohawk, I have been heavily involved outside of my classes. I played 4 years on the Varsity Women’s Basketball team. My first year, I was awarded MVP and in my second year I received the Coaches Award.  I also have worked as a CSEP (College Student Employment Program) student for 4 years in different areas of the College. I have worked with the College in Motion Access Program, the Alumni Association and I am currently the Student Ambassador at the IAHS campus for Peer Tutoring.

I also love to volunteer when I can. I was privileged to be a Team Host for the Men’s National Basketball Championships when Mohawk College hosted last year. I volunteer for orientations, special events, alumni events and had the opportunity to become a MoCrew Leader by attending the Mohawk Student Leadership Academy Camp.

4 thoughts on “One Year In the Life: 2017 Grads

  1. Vaibhavi Dumasia

    Things do seem impossible in life, but with the right will and strive, one can make it possible, as you just did. Your ability has taken you to the new height of success. This great job is all because of your dedication and hard work and yes confidence too. So, a very hearty congrats to Chanchal Kalia. We are proud of you.

  2. Preet Kamal Muhar

    As a fellow classmate of Chanchal Kalia, I congratulate her for the achievements and wish her good luck for her future endeavors. It is all possible due to her unmatchable hard work and zeal. I once again praise her on behalf of the CHC students for making us, our teachers and her parents proud of her accomplishments. Also heartily congrats to Alex and Natalie.


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