Learning Forever

Learning for life was never really a concept I gave much thought to as I made my way through years of a post-secondary education. I can clearly recall the last semester in my fourth year of university, counting down the days to be finished. No more essays. No more peer-reviewed articles. No more hours spent in a library surviving on peanut butter sandwiches.

But then I went to college for a post-grad certificate and things changed. Yes, it was still a ton of work, but I was given more opportunities to be creative and work with students in other programs, and I could start to see a path to a career.

Years later I found myself working at a different college, Mohawk and my curiosity and thirst for learning new things was met with so many options. Over the years I’ve developed my skills in Photoshop, which began in high school. I’ve expanded my knowledge of useful things like HTML, Grammar and Project Management. And I’ve explored my interest in Photography.

Many other grads continue to return to Mohawk every year to explore new hobbies or develop their skills. Over the years some of our bloggers have shared their experiences returning to school too.

Returning to School, a Fabulous Opportunity by Julie McCann

“If someone would have told me when I was in my early twenties, graduating from a Business program, that I would take distance education classes in my forties for Library Technician Studies … I would have looked at them as though they had three heads. It simply was not a direction I planned on going then, and as a young person, I thought I had my life journey all planned out.”

Move Forward and Embrace New Challenges by Jennifer Ballagh

“Career momentum and continual learning are two common themes that I hear often. For many, myself included, there is the idea that success in any career is equated with the notion that if you work hard and do your best, the rewards will pay off. The reality is when we compete for success we have a tendency to compare our own skills to that of others. I believe that this is one of the motivating factors for many to integrate continued learning as part of their platform for long term career success.”

Career Changes by Todd Midgley

“My manager later explained to me that he was impressed with my manufacturing background and that I was able to adapt to the career changes that I was forced to endure over the years.  He also liked the fact that I was able to show commitment to my personal improvement by studying Continuing Education courses at Mohawk College. Hearing those comments made me realize that I had done something right despite all of the setbacks.”

Meaghan-Feature– Meaghan Drury, Alumni Communications Coordinator
Webmaster ’12
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