The Job Hunt: 2017 Grads

With classes done and exams over for their final semester, the class of 2017 take their next steps.

Our three 2017 grads, are each on different paths as they examine their upcoming career options and their feelings of preparedness.

Alex 200Alex – Financial Services, ’17

I decided to take a different route than the typical college student. While most people graduate school and get a job in their field and do that for the next hundred years, I wanted to get away and travel a bit before I got settled into my career; and before I got too old.

I wasn’t in a rush to get into the financial services industry, it’ll always be there. So I applied for a job in Jasper Alberta and spending the summer here.

It is great so far.

I’ve always wanted to see the mountains and other parts of Canada, but its hard when you’re a student, and it would have been a year or two before I could take vacation from my career. This way it works best.

I am working in a gift shop at a lodge off of the ice fields parkway. Moving away was defiantly a challenge, but a good new challenge that I wanted to face. Its difficult and weird but also good because I enjoyed being close to home. Which is why I had chosen to go to Mohawk. The job hunt will continue or start in the fall when I get back to Ontario!


Chanchal 200Chanchal – Canadian Health Care for Foreign Trained Professionals, ’17

“Job Hunt”…!!! Well, this is one of the biggest concerns after you graduate. It’s not just a concern but one of the biggest challenges. Thinking about not having a job gives you stress and make you feel low.

I do feel prepared when it comes to finding a job but as soon as I don’t get response from the employer, it makes me feel disappointed. I have been applying to jobs for two months by now. I have applied online and even went to drop my resumes to many places. A couple of the people called me for interview but somehow that did not work out.

On the other hand, I am preparing myself to get over these kinds of challenges. I am working on my resume, cover letters and my LinkedIn profile. I recently attended a Student to Alumni Transition Conference, at Mohawk College, where I got a chance to learn a lot of new skills. They taught me how to perfectly write resumes, cover letters and what all things to include in order to ace the resumes. I learned how and where to find jobs online and also how to present myself on social media such as LinkedIn. I also learned all the places and the people who can help me in finding a job and where I can get tips on giving interviews.

Moreover, being an international student who is looking for some particular kind of job is even more stressing. I don’t have much experience of work in Canada, which is one of the biggest disadvantages too. But, I am trying my level best to find a job. Moreover there is a common saying that the “fruit of patience is sweet”, which means having patience will get you desired result and I totally believe in this.


Natalie 200Natalie – Occupational and Physiotherapist Assistant, ’17/ Health, Wellness & Fitness, ’15

Job hunting can be very difficult if you don’t know where to start. Throughout my years at Mohawk, I had the opportunity to have the employment advisors come to my classroom to educate us on resume and cover letter building. They also had resources we can use to start job hunting. I plan on meeting with one of the advisors as I am going on my third week of placement and starting to think of job hunting for a career.

Do I feel prepared?

Yes I feel prepared to start in my field as I am applying what I have learned in the classroom into practical and real situations. As for job hunting, it is hard to know which job sites are better, what key words to use and what websites are credible. I am lucky to have had some education on job hunting and preparation for this stage in my journey through the Backpack to Briefcase workshops.

Overall, it’s an overwhelming stage but it takes time and making your resume and cover letter ready and is the first step I am taking to start job searching. I am excited to begin this stage and move forward and finding a job I will enjoy.


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