Job Search Resources in 2017

Finding meaningful employment—it’s a job!

Whether you’re looking for new work, more work, or better work, regardless of which demographic check box you fall under, most job seekers realize getting a job offer involves equal parts determination, preparation and resources for success.

If you’re still reading this post, I know I’ve peaked your interest.

Instead of continuing to use the same dated websites and archaic work search practices, why not be strategic?

Being a strategic job seeker can give you extra free time, save you money and reduce your levels of stress.

Modern work search involves accessing online job boards in addition to incorporating a holistic approach including company review, personal branding and labour market info.

As self-proclaimed Career Development expert (yes, it actually says that in my bio and no, I have no shame) I wanted to share some of my favourite resources for Job Search 2017.

Having recently transitioned into a new role, I have used many of the following websites to a great degree of success.

Ten Thousand Coffees

Ever wonder how to meet with people in your field but don’t know where to start? Look no further than this website! Ten Thousand Coffees consists of thousands of professionals who want to share their expertise in a mentoring capacity.
Job seekers create a free online profile and then can request a virtual or actual coffee for job search and field specific insights.
Tip: Your profile can be populated based on your LinkedIn profile, so the more complete your LinkedIn profile, the better.

Talent Egg

Top Canadian employers post internships, co-ops summer jobs and entry level roles on this website. This website houses comprehensive career guides to learn more about companies and labour market info.

Vizualize Me

Excellent website for turning your LinkedIn profile into an infographic. It’s free and has many different templates available. Add to a digital portfolio or print out on legal paper for a stunning visual assist.

You may have heard of the term ATS, short form for Applicant Tracking Software. Some organizations will take all applications and scan them for keyword compatibility.
This website mirrors applicant tracking software. Check out the results and see how you can optimize your résumé for improved scanning.

Glass Door

This website is your one stop shop for organizational info. Employees upload reviews of the company, salary info and in some instances, interview questions.

It’s a Juggle

This website is a portal for holistic career success. It has curated the best websites, videos, blogs, and twitter feeds pertaining to education, employment and well being in Canada.

A strategic job seeker learns more about themselves and the companies to be more effective.

Access these resources so that your 2017 job search is a productive one.

LidiaSiino– Lidia Siino
Journalism and Communications Media ’02

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  1. very informative. thanks

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