Financial Pressures: 2017 Grads

June is here and with the summer just starting, our 2017 grads share their thoughts on the financial pressures their experiencing and how they’re coping.


Chanchal 200Chanchal – Canadian Health Care for Foreign Trained Professionals, ’17

Financial pressure is one of the biggest concerns. It gives you stress, tension and a lot more. To deal with this, we need to have a good source of income so that you won’t get any panic attacks.

Luckily, I have got a full time job for the summer and it is helping me with my daily living. After finishing the college, I was so hopeless, whether I will be able to get job or not and I could not concentrate on anything else.

Now, I am feeling a little bit relaxed as I can think of other stuff too. However, the kind of job I was looking for I have yet to find, but I get by, saying “something is better than nothing”.

Moreover, it is helping me to cover my living expenses and now my nerves are somewhat relaxed.

Fortunately, my parents helped me with all the finances regarding my tuition and the other college expenses therefore I don’t have to pay back loans. But, in the future, I don’t want to give any pressure to my parents so I am trying my level best to deal with my personal expenses.

Also, I received International peer mentor scholarship when I was in my last semester of the college. This scholarship helped me to buy dental board exam books and other necessary material. With that material, I have started to prepare for my dental boards.

Overall, I am trying to deal with all kind of tough situations including financial pressures.

Whenever, I am doubtful of anything, I ask my elders so that they can direct my if I am going wrong.



Natalie 200Natalie – Occupational and Physiotherapist Assistant, ’17/ Health, Wellness & Fitness, ’15

Financial pressure and stress rises especially when you are in clinical placements without pay. It has been very hard for me to find a job part-time in the evenings when I have placement during the day from 8-4. I haven’t had any income for 7 weeks and now I am thankful for my surrounding supports to help with me payments.

Ideally, I should have searched for a part-time job before I entered placement to assure an income. However, it is difficult to find one when you do not know where your placement will end up being.

My advice is find a job close to home therefore you can avoid financial stress while in placement and still have an income.

Now that I am close to being done, I now have to think of paying back my 5-year OSAP loan. This is stressful because I need to make sure I sustain and obtain a job that is stable enough for me to make personal payments plus OSAP payments, monthly.

I am fortunate enough to have found a job before my placement is complete. I sent out many resumes weekly in hopes I would find something before I finish as I did not want to wait longer with no income. I feel a weight off my shoulders as I’ll start my new career immediately after placement.

Finally, I encourage students to apply for bursaries and scholarships as I received one 4 out of my 5 years at Mohawk, which was very helpful with my studies. Get all the help you can get to ease the stresses of financial burdens.


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