Summer Fun (With 4 Kids Under 5)

This summer we are planning on staying local and doing day trips around the area. So what is there to do with 4 kids under the age of 5? Well a lot!

Already just in the month of June, we have been to the LIBRARY for the Summer Reading Club kick off and did some chalk drawings on their patio. We also picked up some books for the days we have to stay home.

We went to the TOY STORE, to get some baby doll supplies (those fun baby bottles!!) plus Daddy and Alex got some Lego sets for some Daddy time. Of course Tabby got a princess doll that goes in the bath tub.

We have also gone to the FARMER’S MARKET to pick up apples and strawberries and eat some delicious chocolate banana bread. Plus we consulted on what plants we need to plant in our front yard.

We have also been to an INDOOR PLAYGROUND on a really hot day when it is not safe to be outside. We probably spent a good hour just climbing and sliding down.

All of these activities had little to no cost at all, plus we are spending some quality family time out of the house and learning about different things (for example: where our food comes from, how to play with others and the concept of money).

This summer we are planning to do:

Go to the LIBRARY to do 150th Canada Day activities plus other Summer Reading activities to promote early literacy and reading.

Visit several different FARMER’S MARKETS to see what they have to offer in fruits and vegetables. So we will be learning too, about different seasons and how our food is grown.

Explore different PARKS whether they are indoor or outdoor, so we can work on our gross motor muscles and spatial awareness.

Visit our local EARLY YEARS CENTRES because learning does not have to stop in the summer, and an additional bonus is that the kids can meet kids their own ages by creating friendships.

Attend FESTIVALS in the area for the cultural experiences whether it is listening to music from all around the world and different genres to eating different foods that we are not used to eating.

This is the year to visit the city’s local MUSEUMS because everyone seems to have special Canada 150th events for the whole summer. We are looking forward to going to the Steam and Technology Museum, the Warplane Heritage Museum and Westfield Village. These are all stroller friendly and it is interesting to see how historical significance these are to the city.

These are perfect for any size family and are cost effective plus can be done either on the weekends or weekdays. So instead of going away let’s have a Summer Stay-cation and discover the gems around this city.

JenniferBain– Jennifer Bain
Early Childhood Education, ’01
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