Missing Back to School Life: 2017 Grads

September is here and our 2017 grads are experiencing life outside of schooling, while missing parts of campus life.

Alex 200Alex – Financial Services, ’17

It is strange to not go back to school this September, especially Mohawk.

I feel relieved a bit but also miss it.

I don’t miss the school work, early classes, deadlines and midterms that’s for sure. But I really miss going everyday and seeing my friends and being on campus. I miss how involved I was on campus as well. I feel like if I was in Ontario I would love to come back and just visit or help out in another type of way if I could.

It also feels weird to not be a student anymore and sort of be an adult in the real-ish world. Being a student can be fun, like student discounts and an excuse to be a broke college student.

Overall I am definitely going to miss Mohawk, I really enjoyed my time there and I hope the new students coming in do too.


Chanchal 200Chanchal – Canadian Health Care for Foreign Trained Professionals, ’17

I believe the days spent at school are the most memorable days of one’s life. It does not matter how far you go in your life, the one thing that is unforgettable is the school days. For me, it feels as if something is missing; the friends, the teachers, the staff, the events, the trips, the food court and a lot more. Everyone gets busy in their own works and you don’t see them often as you used to see them before.

However, when I was in school, I was so over everything; the tests; the assignments and homework. But now, it feels like a part of life is missing and definitely, I am missing school a lot.

I still remember the fun I had with my friends and the teachers and how we always wanted to celebrate everything. I am missing those potluck lunches and how my teachers used to bring Timbits into the class. But once you graduate, all these things come to a sudden halt. Friends get busy in their own jobs, so you don’t get time to spend time with them as often.

On the other side, I too feel relieved as the next chapter of life begins. It may not be easy to find jobs and taking on the financial responsibilities but eventually, everything gets normalized and you again get busy in your life.

So, this is called life and it has to move on!

My schooling may have finished, but the memories are still fresh in my mind and they will always be cherished.


Natalie 200Natalie – Occupational and Physiotherapist Assistant, ’17/ Health, Wellness & Fitness, ’15

First of all, I can’t believe that September is here. The summer flew by quicker than it did when I was in school. Honestly, it feels weird and I feel like I am not prepared for September to be here as I usually would have gone back to school shopping for supplies and have everything for the first day!!

I think I miss it a bit, because I did love learning and coming to school but I will not miss the stress of exams, big projects or assignments. I will miss my professors as they were amazing and throughout the 2 years, we got to know all of them on a personal level. I will see them at graduation in October!

I am lucky that I will be around campus during the school year so I am still in the atmosphere to make the new students journey the best it can be. That probably is why I feel unprepared for September because I am still at the college and it feels like I’m still in school.

Yes, I am relieved that I don’t have that stress of going back, getting into a routine, and getting back into the books. However, I believe that I will be a continuous learner, doing different continuing education certificates and keep building my skills and knowledge.

I will be a Mohawk student for life!!!!!!

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