Getting to Work: 2017 Grads

This month our 2017 grads share what their experiences have been obtaining jobs and how their classmates are doing as well. 

Alex 200Alex – Financial Services, ’17

My work in Alberta is coming to an end. I am finishing up my last week of work out here and then catching a flight back home. I have been looking for jobs back home for about two weeks now, either in my field or elsewhere so I can start making money again. I have applied at a few banks but also other jobs, part of me isn’t done travelling yet. I spent the summer working full time in Jasper trying my best to save money too.

I do stay in touch with one classmate in particular and she is working at a bank working toward becoming a financial advisor. I am very proud and happy for her to see how far she’s come, especially since school was so challenging for both of us. There are a lot of struggles, I find whether you are in you field or not, but just trying to stay ahead of the game, financially, socially, and for your own well being.

Life moves way too fast.

Also now is the time of year when student loans will need to start being paid back. How are we supposed to stay ahead of the game then? I can’t believe its been almost 6 months since we finished classes, time flies!

Chanchal 200Chanchal – Canadian Health Care for Foreign Trained Professionals, ’17


Whether you get part-time work or full-time work, they both are hectic in their own perspectives. Luckily, I found a full-time job as an office administrator. However, it is not related to my field but for me situations are different. Being a non-resident, it is difficult to find your dream job but this job will be helping me towards my permanent residency. So, I am happy that I have taken a step forward towards one of my long-term goals. Getting permanent residency is one of the major requirements as without this, I won’t be able to get admission to a dental school. On the other hand, doing this job makes me unhappy as well, because this is not what I actually want to do in my life. But somehow, I manage to keep calm and go with the flow of life.

Some of my friends are working full-time; some are working part-time while many of them have moved to other provinces. They are also in the same boat, that is, they are also trying hard to find the jobs related to their professions. But the good thing is that nobody has lost hope and everyone is working hard towards their future goals.

The struggle I am finding right now is the commute by buses as it takes almost one hour to reach work and with this the changing weather, it is getting really difficult. I am also trying to find housing near my work, but it is way more expensive. So, this one of the biggest issue right now and I am trying my best to deal with the situation.

For me, success is the every bit of time I am spending and all the happiness I am getting. It does not matter whether it is through some big achievement or through the small achievements. I try to find success with my happiness and this is what I believe in!

Natalie 200Natalie – Occupational and Physiotherapist Assistant, ’17/ Health, Wellness & Fitness, ’15

I was fortunate to be working two jobs I love. I work for the Mohawk Student Association at the IAHS campus and as a Physiotherapist Assistant at a sports clinic in Oakville. I am full-time at Mohawk Monday to Friday and part-time at the clinic two days a week.

What I love about my two jobs is that I love being at Mohawk because I get to help students have the best experience, just like I did, and I get to engage with the students through events and workshops. I also love my PTA job because it is in my field and I am also helping people with their injuries. I am learning a tremendous amount at both jobs which is exciting for me because I like to learn new things from different people.

I know some of my classmates are in the field, however I know some that are struggling to find employment in the field.

Some of the struggles I have had is finding a OTA/PTA position with decent wages and full-time hours permanently. But I have been given the opportunity to work at the college I love. I have been successful in this position and finding part-time work within my field. I am taking all and any opportunities I can get my hands on to make myself grow through all of my work experiences. I am hopeful I will find my dream position when the time is right!!!

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