Look back, but always look ahead.

It’s a word often associated with celebration of something achieved due to the efforts of the past and leading to the present day. For me, milestones are as much about looking forward and springing from the success of longevity for future success.

In Hamilton, we’ve been part of recent milestones from established big business. In 2012, The Hamilton Port Authority, where I began my career, marked 100 years of managing the commercial shipping activity in the port – contributing to economic growth and job creation in the transportation sector. Last year, The Hamilton Spectator celebrated 170 years; delivering the news of the day to the community and engaging citizens on a myriad of issues affecting so many in the city.

Entrepreneurship and small business is thriving today, Continue Reading

Be The Recipe For Change

kitchen - dinnerChange. It frightens us but also inspires. The action around building sustainable communities that can grow as a place for everyone to prosper is moving from idealistic to something very real. Hamilton is brimming with optimism, growth and a fresh attitude of not only what’s possible, but also what has already happened.

The title of this blog entry seems to embody everything I’ve strived to share since joining the ranks of the ABC Blog contributors. It takes each of us, contributing in our own unique way, to make positive change in the community. It cannot happen in isolation, but it can one by one with each business, individual and personal commitment to improve lives. Especially at home, we owe it to one another to create change. Continue Reading

The Spirit of Collaboration

winter glovesA coffee for your socks? In the spirit of collaboration

It’s been successfully implemented in countless marketing campaigns; brands working together to offer a promotional giveaway, contest entry or special event. The good works of Hamilton charitable organizations are amped by the reach and profile of local business, who use a loyal customer base to bring attention to causes seeking support in the form of financial, in-kind, volunteer time and donated goods. This spirit of collaboration during the holiday season holds a weightier impact as entrepreneurs and charities join to make Christmas comfortable for so many facing challenge and hardship. Hamilton has a reputation as a giving community and a leader in volunteerism. Business is leading the charge. Continue Reading

You Are What You Eat

Pizza with tomatoes and cheeseYou are what you eat. So get it close to home.

There’s nothing like the first bite of a homegrown tomato. Sprinkle a little pepper and it’s almost a meal on its own. The farm to table movement has been alive in Hamilton for years; since the late 90’s, LaPiazza Allegra chef Mark Farrugia has been using fresh produce grown in his Father-in-law’s garden. The Bread Bar on Locke Street is built around the use of local ingredients. Other local restauranteurs including The Butcher and Vegan on Barton Street, Aberdeen Tavern in the city’s west end and many others all have constructed menus around seasonal products within a short radius of Hamilton.

With the explosion in popularity of the Food Network, restaurants are even more desired meeting places for experiences with friends and family. Continue Reading

We’re all in this together

Junos 2015 - ArkellsThe 2015 Juno Awards took Hamilton by storm, bringing four days of music and celebrations to the city. It did so with energy synonymous with the momentum being felt across our city in recent years. I’ve always been proud of my hometown; I’ve never lived anywhere but Hamilton. What the Junos did however amped this to new heights. The award show itself was a display of some of the best musical acts in the country. The three-day lead up set the stage for the roaring crowd inside First Ontario Centre in a way I can’t recall since perhaps the Road World Cycling Championships in 2003. Continue Reading