Benefits of Hands-On Learning

backpackThere’s been a huge shift in the labour market. It’s likely no different from what the agricultural sector experienced years ago when youth stopped gravitating towards those jobs and turned to the retail/hospitality sector which were closer to home, and not as physically demanding. Patterns are emerging, however, in the labour market where there doesn’t seem to be many youth who want or are available to work general labour and customer service type jobs.

Who claims responsibility for this shift? Are we not allowing our children the opportunity of experience life hands-on? Are current parents cocooning our young people in an effort to protect them from making mistakes? Some say they would rather their kids focus on education, but how can one understand what they are actually good at without hands-on experiential learning? Continue Reading

Changing Perspectives For Job Seekers and Employers

computer work meetingWorking in the field of employment consulting I’ve seen many changes over the years. Having built relationships with employers from many sectors, I think I have a good handle on their recruitment expectations. Likewise, in coaching individuals on their job search plans, I’m required to get a good feel for their educational, work history and overall employment goals. What I’ve learned is that there is a huge disconnect between both–and with reason. Continue Reading

The Importance of Nurturing Relationships

students tableHad someone told me back when I graduated from college how important it was to keep in touch with my alumni classmates, I might have grimaced. After all, let’s face it, we tend to gravitate socially toward people with common interests and who complement our own personality types.

Never discount those relationships, my new alumni cohorts, a little bit of tending goes a long way. One never knows whose path you might cross along life’s journey or whether that previous association might prove beneficial to your career. Continue Reading

Invest in Your Workforce

rising sun over train stationEntrepreneurs and those in a leadership positions need to stop passing the buck when it comes to training employees.  The Canada-Ontario Job Grant is a cost-shared investment between employers and Government, in skills training for existing employees or new hires.

Recent surveys and statistics suggest that Canada rates low in training and development hours of instruction provided to staff since 1993. Continue Reading