I don’t have all the answers and that’s OK

“ You know nothing, Jon Snow.” is an often quoted line from the smash-hit HBO show, Game of Thrones, and I don’t feel like it’s a fair assessment. Sure, Jon doesn’t know who his parents are, doesn’t know which members of his family are alive or dead, and several other things, but he obviously doesn’t know nothing. Sometimes I feel a little like Jon Snow.

Obviously, I don’t have to fight off ice zombies in a world modelled after medieval Europe, but sometimes I feel like everyone is telling me that I know nothing.

My main problem with this is that I feel like after 26 years on this planet, I should at least know something. I should have the answers. Continue Reading

Managing the Monster: How to Fight Stress and Finish Projects

boxing girlIn my experience in the workforce and in the classroom I’ve learned one thing. Stress is everywhere. Some of the time it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything you need done finished.

I will admit that sometimes I get really stressed out. Like REALLY stressed out. If you have never been upset or overwhelmed about all the assignments or projects you have to do, this blog post might not be for you. If you’ve stayed up until 4am working on something and cried at least once then this article is definitely for you. Continue Reading

Compare and Contrast, University to College

mohawk fennell campus“It’s no big deal.” I told myself walking down the stairs in iWing on my first day of college.

“You’ve done this before.”  This was my second post-secondary experience, and I was prepared for whatever the Public Relations Post-Graduate program had to offer.  As I was to find out, many of my classmates were in the same boat. Over half of my class are university graduates who’ve decided to attend Mohawk to create a definite path for their future.

After five years at McMaster, and then one year working in a call centre, I was so ready to start learning some practical skills and working on starting a career. I figured that it would be a breeze. I’d gotten decent marks in University. I had spent sleepless nights writing papers about masculinity, hegemony, colonialism and other complicated stuff. I was wrong. Continue Reading