Harm Reduction

For the past eight months, I developed and coordinated a transitional housing, psycho-social rehabilitation program. I loved every bit of it, and saw some incredible progress from individuals who were living with mental illness, addictions and experiencing trauma. The programs ultimate goal was to move individuals along the housing continuum, from shelter living, to stable and permanent housing.

It was one of the few programs that ran from a harm reduction standpoint. The men in the program were allowed to be intoxicated or inebriated and stay in the program, as long as they did not bring substances into the rooms which they occupied. What they chose to do outside of the residence was out of our control. Continue Reading

Being Vulnerable

on ledgeVulnerability.

What is it? A weakness, a deficit or shortfall of ourselves? Like the Man of Steel’s vulnerability to Kryptonite? It’s something that I have always been curious about academically and professionally as a social worker. Personally, it’s something I’ve been tangled up into and struggling to live with, longer than what I’d be willing to admit. Continue Reading