From Flab to Fit: My 1 Year Journey

If someone would have told me a few years ago that today I would be writing about a healthy lifestyle, I’d probably laugh. It’s not because I found the idea of being healthy funny, in fact it’s been a goal of mine for almost my whole life.

For years I struggled with my weight and my health. I was a picky eater growing up, so I didn’t exactly want to eat the most nutritious food. I also had asthma as a kid, which made certain activities and sports difficult to participate in. Because of this, I was a chubby girl, even into my university/college years.

I had gone on diets and workout streaks in the past, but nothing ever seemed to stick. I tended to give up too easily, and every time I gave up, it just led to me putting on more weight. One day last year I weighed in at the highest weight I had ever been in my life, and it terrified me. Continue Reading

Pack A Bag: Why You Should Travel Today

camera girl woods“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

I just recently came home from a two week vacation in Italy. Although it was exhausting (waking up early every morning and going until late into the night) and expensive (thousands of dollars later…), I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world. You see, I’m what they call a travel buff. I thrive on the adventure to explore a new world, to see new sites, to meet new people, and to live beyond my bubble back home. Continue Reading

Making a Great First Impression: 4 Tips on Starting a New Job

woman working on laptopStarting a new job can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if it’s your first job out of school or you have to move away from home. I recently started a new job myself and experienced all the normal emotions, from excitement to fear, when faced with being thrown into a new environment full of new things to learn and new challenges to take on.

Here are some tips I personally learned on how to be successful at a new job within the first week of starting: Continue Reading

Top 3 Skills Employers are Looking for in Job Seekers

pay phonesEvery job-seeker has at one point had this question cross their mind: “What skills and traits are employers looking for?” Especially as a new graduate, job hunting can be a bit of a scary time trying to find your first real job out of school. Most job-seekers wish they could unlock the secret formula to winning the hearts and minds of employers.  While every job is different and each employer is looking for a specific set of skills, there are some employee traits that are universal across the board that employers are looking for. The good news is that most job seekers possess these skills to some extent.

Here are the top three skills that you can use to your advantage that employers are looking for: Continue Reading

Tips to Reduce Party Snacking Indulgence

birthday cake and champagneWhen you’re out at a party, most of us tend to not pay attention and keep track of all the food and calories we are putting into our mouths. However, by letting your guard down for just one night, you allow your body free rein and access to a buffet of calories, fat, and sugar which all add up. I personally can understand the temptations that can appear during a party and wanted to share some tips I use to help maintain a healthy attitude before, during and after a party. Continue Reading