Where will I go after college?


Where will I go after college? How will I survive in the media field when so many jobs are being cut from CBC to Bell Media? What makes me different from the rest of the candidates looking for a job? These are all questions that used to go through my head everyday, as I was finishing up my second year in the Television and Broadcasting program. It’s hard to say what will happen in the future, and no one really knows exactly. Everything these days is heading towards an online medium and places like CBC and Cogeco are trying to adapt. The ones who don’t adapt well let’s just say they end up becoming Blockbuster. The message here, I worried too much and it really took a slash at my performance and something needed to change. Continue Reading

The Elusive Viral Video


In today’s world the internet is a gigantic platform for newcomers to get themselves noticed. The challenge however, is coming up with new and exciting ways to sell yourself, keeping up with trends, and dealing with failure. Now I’m definitely no Media and Marketing specialist, I’m just entering my third year in Mohawk’s Television program, but I definitely can say that taking a chance at making a possible viral video has always been a dream of mine, or at least a video that has 1 million views. That, along with working at Much Music.

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