Final Exams: 2017 Grads

Exam time! The campus halls are lined with stressed out students cramming for the next test or reliving the answers from the one they just completed.

Exams often mark the end of a semester or a school year but they can also mark the end of a journey and a start of a new beginning. This month our grads share their exam time feelings and how it’s evolved since they first sat down to their first exam.

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Snow Today In The UK

Snow covered fenceA few days ago an old school friend of mine posted a link to a CHCH-TV clip about at the famous Blizzard of 1977. I recall it well. I was attending Grade 13, back when we had one, at HCI on Sanford Avenue. Oh sure, there was a lot of snow but I still caught the bus to school that morning and if memory serves me, we were all sent home at noon anyway because of low numbers. No panic, no problem, and an afternoon off while the roads were cleared.

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