3 Tips On Becoming An Industry Leader

laptopBecome an Expert in Your Field.

Soon after graduation I entered the workplace, I was so happy to be working in my chosen field. I had always heard horror stories about people who spent years on their education to find out there are no jobs in their industry, so it was a relief nonetheless. When I first started working I remember thinking how quick everyone was, they were talking about things I’ve never even heard of like it was just basic knowledge. At that time I realized that my post-secondary education was just the beginning of the education I needed to become and expert in my field. Continue Reading

Returning to Mohawk, 33 Years Later

Mohawk College







It was 1978 when I first entered onto the Fennell Campus.  Trying to find my way around was tough.  I thought the campus was pretty big back then and, you guessed it, I got lost a few times, back tracking in the same hallways more than once.  Three years later, 1981, I completed my college education from Mohawk from the Civil Engineering Technology program and walked out the doors; I have not been back since then.  On August 15, 2014, thirty three years later and on the brink of retirement I returned to the Fennell campus for a visit for the first time since graduating.  You guessed it, I got lost again. Continue Reading

Summer: Burning a Hole Through Your Wallet

summerWe all look forward to Summer. The sunny days, long walk on the beach and BBQ’s. Oh, and how can I forget the cottages, weddings, showers of all sorts, road trips, patio season… CHA-CHING! Let’s face it, Summer can burn a hole through our wallets just as fast as the season comes and goes and I feel it’s important for me to share my top Summer Saving Secrets with you all!

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