The Art of Email

Millennials today are very aware of the competitive job market they will face after graduation.

Students today are not naïve to the hard work it takes to find employment. Throughout their education, students are reminded of what is needed to succeed in finding a career – good grades, relevant experience, community involvement, volunteering – the list goes on.

But what happens after finding a job? Continue Reading


Look back, but always look ahead.

It’s a word often associated with celebration of something achieved due to the efforts of the past and leading to the present day. For me, milestones are as much about looking forward and springing from the success of longevity for future success.

In Hamilton, we’ve been part of recent milestones from established big business. In 2012, The Hamilton Port Authority, where I began my career, marked 100 years of managing the commercial shipping activity in the port – contributing to economic growth and job creation in the transportation sector. Last year, The Hamilton Spectator celebrated 170 years; delivering the news of the day to the community and engaging citizens on a myriad of issues affecting so many in the city.

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Getting By with a Little Help From My Friends

buildings meetingEntrepreneurs are sometimes a solitary breed. Typically they are driven to create something from scratch while riding a wave of risk and reward. They know it takes a lot of sweat equity to be successful and they’re not afraid to put in a hard day’s work. Unfortunately, all too often entrepreneurs try to do it all.

Even if you run a small shop or service business and work primarily on your own, wearing multiple hats to get things done, you will always need others. In fact, this is possibly the most important attribute of any entrepreneur. The ability to collaborate and seek help when you need it (and offer it too!) is critical to establish your business and to nurture its growth. Continue Reading

Patience… and a Little Luck

crossed fingersI’ve often heard over the years that in this complicated world of business, you have to go out there and find your own opportunities. You shouldn’t just sit there and wait for opportunities to come to you. I’ve always agreed with this idea, but at the same time, I also believe that things don’t always have to be so rigidly ‘black and white” like that. In other words, there are other ideas that can be utilized to help make this more manageable.

The most important one that I’ve used is developing my own personal network of business associates. I always have business friends and associates out there spreading positive words about me, in the hopes that it will one day generate a special call of some sort. This actually happened to me recently. Continue Reading

Creativity in Business

Albert Einstein Creativity“We have always done it that way” is said to be the 7 most expensive words in business. Many progressive companies today are using creativity and innovation to stay competitive in the marketplace. Companies that are not taking risks and playing it safe are falling behind. Some organizations and leaders frown upon original thinking and deter employees from thinking outside the box. Continue Reading