Returning Home: A Canadian Leaving the UK

I’ve just returned to springtime in England after a week back in snowy, late winter Ontario. What I was doing was making the final preparations for the big move back this May after 8 1/2 years of living and working in the UK.

While back, many of the people I spoke with seemed surprised that we’d want to leave England and come back to Ontario. One of the most common questions I heard was “Why?” They then pointed out how close I was to Europe, or spoke of castles, or how the cultural centre of London was practically at our door step, or they said, “You’ll miss Harry and Meghan’s wedding!”

Let’s step back to the morning of June 23, 2016 – Continue Reading

What Motivates Young Voters to Vote?

girl textingWhy has such attention been directed lately to the political and civic behaviour of the young? The idea originates from evidence suggesting that recent declines in voter turnout stem from dropping turnout rates among the youngest Canadians.

This problem has produced a significant amount of debate directed at trying to uncover the reasons behind the lack of youth political and civic engagement. The general idea from the discussions suggests that young people are “either apathetic (at best) or alienated (at worst)” from the political system.

Without question, the area receiving a significant amount of media attention in the field of political behaviour is voter turnout. Continue Reading

Invest in Your Workforce

rising sun over train stationEntrepreneurs and those in a leadership positions need to stop passing the buck when it comes to training employees.  The Canada-Ontario Job Grant is a cost-shared investment between employers and Government, in skills training for existing employees or new hires.

Recent surveys and statistics suggest that Canada rates low in training and development hours of instruction provided to staff since 1993. Continue Reading

The day Hamilton gave the world a lesson in National pride

Hamilton City Hall - Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

Instagram user: @Jennifer_leigh33

I have never been more proud to be a Hamiltonian or a Canadian. I had another idea for my blog entry this month but in light of the events that took place in Ottawa over the past few weeks I felt the need to take a moment to reflect on the impact it will have on Canadians.

Training for a new job, I spent the week in Montreal. 15 minutes away from where I was staying, two Canadian Forces personnel where run down by an Islamic radical causing the death of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent. Two days later, two hours from where I was staying, Corporal Nathan Cirillo of The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders infantry regiment was gunned down at the National War Memorial and there was an attack on Parliament Hill. I suddenly felt very far away from home. Continue Reading