I don’t have all the answers and that’s OK

“ You know nothing, Jon Snow.” is an often quoted line from the smash-hit HBO show, Game of Thrones, and I don’t feel like it’s a fair assessment. Sure, Jon doesn’t know who his parents are, doesn’t know which members of his family are alive or dead, and several other things, but he obviously doesn’t know nothing. Sometimes I feel a little like Jon Snow.

Obviously, I don’t have to fight off ice zombies in a world modelled after medieval Europe, but sometimes I feel like everyone is telling me that I know nothing.

My main problem with this is that I feel like after 26 years on this planet, I should at least know something. I should have the answers. Continue Reading

Becoming an Adult: 2017 Grads

College prepares you for the real world.

We’ve all heard this before. Students juggle school, work, family, friends, and everything in between. This balancing act provides you with the skills necessary to survive in the real world.

Our three 2017 grads are back to share their experiences over the year. This month, we asked our grads what they think are the stresses of being an adult, how they’re preparing for life after college, and any similarities or differences they are anticipating.

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Get Up, Breakfast Is Ready

at-desk-bob-houghtonNot many of us get the chance to see schooling from three different perspectives.

We all have those haunting memories of being a child and having to get up each morning to the cries of “get up, breakfast is ready” as our parents try to motivate us to crawl out of bed.

Fast forward 20 years. I’ve graduated and am running a household with my own school aged son and it was now me saying “come on, get out of bed, breakfast is ready”. I finally understood why my parents were so insistent to get us all up, fed, out the door, and on the bus so that they could head off to work. Then the day finally came when he graduated and was out on his own.

You’d think that would be the end of the story and I’d turned the page on that chapter of life, wouldn’t you? Continue Reading

It’s All A Learning Experience

lightbulbIn the next stage of my apprenticeship, I’ve made the move to being the person who answers calls and questions versus being the one who asks. Don’t get me wrong, I still ask questions of my boss and colleagues, but I’m now responsible for newer apprentices. How you help shape an apprentice when they’re starting out can impact them throughout the rest of their training and career.

I’ve learned there are a lot of teachable moments, show and tell, encouragement and at times constructive criticism. For example if I have to repeat the same instructions for the third time, something is wrong here. There are days I feel like a crisis counselor, talking someone down when they’re mad about a job or co-worker, but still recognizing personalities will come into play in every workplace. Continue Reading