3 Kids in 3 Years: Adapting to a Busy Life

baby-724894_1280If you met me 4 years ago, I would introduce myself as Jen and I was an infant teacher at a local day care. Now I am Tabitha, Alexander and Samantha’s mom and I am a homemaker.

My husband and I wanted a big family, but did not think we would have 3 kids in 3 years. While I was pregnant with my son, everyone asked how would I cope with two little ones, I would look at them and explain my career background. I graduated from the ECE program in 2001 at Mohawk College and then worked at two day cares in Hamilton with a range of age groups. Also, I am the oldest out 5 kids.

Ever since my son was born in May of 2014, I knew I had to help out our growing family so I started to research different opportunities that worked well with my family life. Continue Reading

Not an Easy Path

Lioness and her cubs

photo by: sxc user jede_hoog

Like many students I am leaving school with a student loan, and looking at that 5 figure amount I owe is almost unbearable. Most of my student loan went to childcare fees, almost $20,000 to be more specific. Many parents look at the realities of obtaining a post-secondary education and shy away from pursuit because of this reality. It’s not that I didn’t try to get assistance to make sure that this didn’t happen, but the reality is the assistance doesn’t exist. Getting on Hamilton’s childcare subsidy list was easy, but the weeks of waiting turned into months and the months turned into almost two years. Continue Reading

Determined to Complete My Education

Laura Herbert

Laura Herbert with her son, Thomas.

Through an unexpected pregnancy I was instinctively brought to a stirring Advocacy project to make Mohawk College more accessible to everyone who sets their sights on a higher education. When people think college life, they don’t think of pregnancy, parenthood, childcare costs or sleepless nights; sharing the experience with a child. I myself was once ignorant to the inevitable struggles faced by many or our peers-being a parent while navigating through post-secondary education. Continue Reading