Getting By with a Little Help From My Friends

buildings meetingEntrepreneurs are sometimes a solitary breed. Typically they are driven to create something from scratch while riding a wave of risk and reward. They know it takes a lot of sweat equity to be successful and they’re not afraid to put in a hard day’s work. Unfortunately, all too often entrepreneurs try to do it all.

Even if you run a small shop or service business and work primarily on your own, wearing multiple hats to get things done, you will always need others. In fact, this is possibly the most important attribute of any entrepreneur. The ability to collaborate and seek help when you need it (and offer it too!) is critical to establish your business and to nurture its growth. Continue Reading

The Spirit of Collaboration

winter glovesA coffee for your socks? In the spirit of collaboration

It’s been successfully implemented in countless marketing campaigns; brands working together to offer a promotional giveaway, contest entry or special event. The good works of Hamilton charitable organizations are amped by the reach and profile of local business, who use a loyal customer base to bring attention to causes seeking support in the form of financial, in-kind, volunteer time and donated goods. This spirit of collaboration during the holiday season holds a weightier impact as entrepreneurs and charities join to make Christmas comfortable for so many facing challenge and hardship. Hamilton has a reputation as a giving community and a leader in volunteerism. Business is leading the charge. Continue Reading

Sharing Environments Equals Good Business

Collaboration - group of people around computer

photo credit: tronathan

In larger companies and independent business, the silo treatment – working in isolation – is almost always a guarantee to fall short of achieving goals. I believe in words like collaboration, dialogue and alignment. Each of these suggests the spirit of coming together and leveraging collective skill sets for success. Departmental resources, subject matter experts and a range of past experience can combine for a powerful end result.

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