Becoming an Adult: 2017 Grads

College prepares you for the real world.

We’ve all heard this before. Students juggle school, work, family, friends, and everything in between. This balancing act provides you with the skills necessary to survive in the real world.

Our three 2017 grads are back to share their experiences over the year. This month, we asked our grads what they think are the stresses of being an adult, how they’re preparing for life after college, and any similarities or differences they are anticipating.

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‘Memories and friends that will last a lifetime’: My College Days

Felicia (bride) with her Mohawk friends, (l-r) Ellen Alstein, Karina Mankinen, and Jessica Stacey (Faria)

Felicia (bride) with her Mohawk friends, (l-r) Ellen Alstein, Karina Mankinen, and Jessica Stacey (Faria)

I was at Mohawk College for three years, fresh out of high school. Everyone said, your college years are your best, but for me, those years didn’t become the best years until towards the end. It took me a while to find my place at Mohawk, to find my friends, to manage my time better, to find solid roommates and to figure out where I wanted to go in life – which is something I am still figuring out.

One of my favourite recollections of my time as a college student is how certain a friendship grew. Karina Mankinen and I were both enrolled in the Tourism and Travel program at the same time. It took a year and half for us to have the same schedules. We were always just missing each other. Continue Reading

‘Jeans were tight and hair was big’: My College Days

1989 Mohawk College Fennell CampusI went to Mohawk for Business Administration right after high school; 1987 through 1990. It was a different time from the hyper-sensitive, politically correct generation of today. Jeans were tight and hair was big; people talked on phones and face-to-face and we were there to learn something so we could get a job and get on with life.

I remember those awesome chocolate brown bricks were still pretty cool. I couldn’t figure out what career options those students in F-Wing could ever have.

The 4.77 mhz IBM Personal Computers were blazing a trail through BBSs around the globe and the World Wide Web was just an embryo at the time. Continue Reading

Compare and Contrast, University to College

mohawk fennell campus“It’s no big deal.” I told myself walking down the stairs in iWing on my first day of college.

“You’ve done this before.”  This was my second post-secondary experience, and I was prepared for whatever the Public Relations Post-Graduate program had to offer.  As I was to find out, many of my classmates were in the same boat. Over half of my class are university graduates who’ve decided to attend Mohawk to create a definite path for their future.

After five years at McMaster, and then one year working in a call centre, I was so ready to start learning some practical skills and working on starting a career. I figured that it would be a breeze. I’d gotten decent marks in University. I had spent sleepless nights writing papers about masculinity, hegemony, colonialism and other complicated stuff. I was wrong. Continue Reading

Leaving My Sleepy Hometown Behind

swingsSeptember marks the first month of college for many people and it also marks the first time living independently. Years ago I, like many others, had finally moved out of my sleepy hometown and moved into a house full of strangers, who later became my friends.

From that time, I can recall my first month of college, enrolled in the Business Administration program at Mohawk. I was overly excited, spent way too much money on textbooks, met new friends and had an agenda that became full of project dates (and parties!). Not only was I excited, but I often felt anxious and clueless. I was experiencing something brand new and faced the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Continue Reading