The Art of Email

Millennials today are very aware of the competitive job market they will face after graduation.

Students today are not naïve to the hard work it takes to find employment. Throughout their education, students are reminded of what is needed to succeed in finding a career – good grades, relevant experience, community involvement, volunteering – the list goes on.

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Modern Day Jack-Of-All-Trades

work and coffeeLast week, I attended a four-day, annual, national student journalism conference called NASH 77 hosted by the Canadian University Press and the University of Ottawa’s The Fulcrum, in the glowing heart of the country.

Throughout the plethora of skill-building workshops, inspiring keynotes (CBC’s Peter Mansbridge and CTV’s Lisa LaFlamme), fascinating roundtables, inevitable networking, fancy dinners and social events, there was one recurring theme that stood out to me most: in this day and age, you need to have the whole package. Continue Reading

The Teachings of Mr. Elmer

image source: Nic McPhee

Image source: Flickr user Nic McPhee

The six of us sat around the dinner table in his spacious apartment. Mr. Elmer treated us, his journalism students, to lunch before we went on our separate ways. We were the last graduating class as Mohawk College was phasing out the journalism program. For a few hours, the demure professor played the host competently.
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