Time for Good News

I’ve recently started to watch the news more intently – again. I had stopped, because the overwhelming amount of ‘bad news’ was getting to me.

All this bad news made me realize that I was hiding from something that I had the power to change; something I knew would take work and commitment on my part. However, as life became busier, a part of me was convinced that I was “too busy” to be investing my time into someone else life. I was ashamed of feeling that way, because I knew that mentality didn’t depict who I am nor who I want to be.

Unfortunately, it has become a cliché to simply advise someone to change the world, or “be the change that you want to see”; the mature seem to find it a redundant statement, while the young are grappling with the idea of what it truly means.

Frankly, as the world continues to undergo unbelievably tragic events, we continue to subconsciously bury this timeless, life-changing concept far beneath the surface. But do we care enough about not only our future, but the generations to come, to actually work to make change? Continue Reading

Be The Recipe For Change

kitchen - dinnerChange. It frightens us but also inspires. The action around building sustainable communities that can grow as a place for everyone to prosper is moving from idealistic to something very real. Hamilton is brimming with optimism, growth and a fresh attitude of not only what’s possible, but also what has already happened.

The title of this blog entry seems to embody everything I’ve strived to share since joining the ranks of the ABC Blog contributors. It takes each of us, contributing in our own unique way, to make positive change in the community. It cannot happen in isolation, but it can one by one with each business, individual and personal commitment to improve lives. Especially at home, we owe it to one another to create change. Continue Reading

Breeding Innovation: a new way of doing things

bicyclesTraditional methods of growing business, developing communities and advancing strategic plans have evolved significantly in the last handful of years. We’ve witnessed a proliferation of new restaurants, independent retail stores and a growing network of transit options; all pointed squarely at increasing our capacity for renewal. While seemingly focused primarily on the downtown and a defined ‘core’, this has extended to downtown nodes in all parts of the city.

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Giving Back Begins With Business Building

541 Eatery & ExchangeMuch of the economic fortunes of Hamilton live and breathe on entrepreneurship, advanced manufacturing, healthcare & research along with the traditional manufacturing base synonymous with our city. The various transportation modes and the infrastructure that supports goods movement ably provide a means to move our homegrown export volumes and maintain a flow of trade across many sectors. Thriving businesses breed more of the same and contribute to the vibrancy Hamilton is currently experiencing.

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