6 Tips For Updating Your Website

To get started I must clarify that I am NOT a coder. I don’t know how to code, instead, I rely on web builders to create sites without the need to code anything.

In the last couple years, I moved across the country (from Branford to Vancouver), and have changed the type of clients I work with. However, with these changes I allowed my website to stay the same. It got to the point where I was embarrassed to give out my domain and was surprised when clients wanted to book me based on my old site. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t because I didn’t offer high-quality work, but rather the look and feel of my site was outdated.

For the past few months, I have been working on a new site, that I proudly launched this spring. This is the 10th website that I’ve created either for myself or for a client and I’ve learned lots the hard way. I wish someone would have shared these with me when I started so I hope this helps. Continue Reading

Why I Don’t Have a DIY Reno Show

before renoMy wife and I have always done our own home renovations. Some big, some small, and all to varying degrees of success. As I get older I realize that I’m not as flexible or dainty as I once was, so some things are better left to experts. But not this time! Our first LCD TV finally died so it was time to replace it. I had originally mounted it on the wall above our fireplace. I ran the wires along the surface of the wall in a stick-on plastic channel. I vowed to hide the wires in the wall with our next TV. Black Friday 2015; I bought a 55″ TV. It patiently sat in the basement until January when I started Project Mount It Already! Continue Reading