A Fresh Start

Going Back to School to Land Your Dream Career

I was working at a great company, making a great salary with benefits, a pension and an advancement opportunity within my department – all of the things we strive for within our careers…Right? Despite this, I was feeling that something was missing. I’ve always been very career-oriented, but how can one be career-oriented and not even like her career? Something was not right. I decided it’s time to go back to school and pursue a new career path. Continue Reading

Dreaming Big

girl looking over edge at lake

There are so many things I miss when I think about the tiny northern town I was raised in.

Sunsets that hypnotize you until they’ve completely disappeared, the way the hot summer wind feels against your face despite the blanket of dust that accompanies your dirt road escape, affable greetings whether you’re a perfect stranger or a cherished neighbour, and the way you can close your eyes and allow the loons to sing to your soul.

I can spend days describing all of the things that make my hometown so incredible, whether it be to the families that have spent generations within its limits or even to those that return at the benchmark of a changing season. Instead I’ll share with you how a clear night, a cloudy mind and a sky full of radiating stars spoke to me more powerfully than any other moment in my adult life. Continue Reading

A Moment Into Reality

When we’re younger, we’re always dreaming. Dreaming of that latest toy we saw on a commercial the other night, the next family vacation, or even how life will be when we’re driving, in school, or working. Dreaming shouldn’t stop just because we’ve grown up.

The other day a yoga session of mine ended with a meditation and we were to imagine ourselves doing something we’ve always dreamt of, but never thought to make it a reality. Continue Reading