Final Exams: 2017 Grads

Exam time! The campus halls are lined with stressed out students cramming for the next test or reliving the answers from the one they just completed.

Exams often mark the end of a semester or a school year but they can also mark the end of a journey and a start of a new beginning. This month our grads share their exam time feelings and how it’s evolved since they first sat down to their first exam.

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4 Essays in 5 Hours, my Mohawk experience

Welcome to the Mohawk College Alumni blog. My name is Cassandra Martin and I am a recent graduate from the Tourism and Travel program. I also took Business Foundations at Mohawk. I loved being a Mohawk student so much that I am also taking an online course in Human Resources, to get more education.


My experience at Mohawk was something I will never forget. College can be the scariest and the best thing to happen to someone. Once I got started I met new people and a new way of learning. These things can be very overwhelming, but something I embraced and jumped into with both feet. I found that the teachers at Mohawk were very helpful and were passionate about the courses they taught. Having someone passionate and who has worked in the industry in my opinion gave me the best learning experience possible. Their main goal was to teach me the skills and knowledge to get a job I wanted once I graduated.

I also found that the support staff in the college were very knowledgeable and were always willing to help. These people did not seem as important to me as my teachers, but they are the backbone behind the college. They are the ones who have all the answers or if they don’t, they know who does. Over the years of attending Mohawk I built some great relationships with support staff and when I needed them they were always there. Without some of them I would not have graduated on time.

When it came time to graduate I was waiting for my name to show up on the Grad List, but it never did. I contacted someone in my program to find out why and was told I did not complete a class, which I was never told I needed. I was also told there was nothing I could do about it until the following semester. I knew that this cannot be right so I went to The Square and spoke with Mallory Valade. Mallory works in Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). She was able to give me 4 essays to write in 5 hours and if I passed I would graduate with my class. The help from her and the other staff members in the Square made all my hard work worthwhile and made me able to graduate on time. I am so thankful for them and their help that day.

I will be posting on the Alumni Blog about my experiences at Mohawk College and my experience after graduating and being a part of the Mohawk Alumni Association. Hope you enjoy reading. Please feel free to email, tweet or add me on Facebook! Cheers!

CassandraMartinCassandra Martin
Travel and Tourism ’12

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