I don’t have all the answers and that’s OK

“ You know nothing, Jon Snow.” is an often quoted line from the smash-hit HBO show, Game of Thrones, and I don’t feel like it’s a fair assessment. Sure, Jon doesn’t know who his parents are, doesn’t know which members of his family are alive or dead, and several other things, but he obviously doesn’t know nothing. Sometimes I feel a little like Jon Snow.

Obviously, I don’t have to fight off ice zombies in a world modelled after medieval Europe, but sometimes I feel like everyone is telling me that I know nothing.

My main problem with this is that I feel like after 26 years on this planet, I should at least know something. I should have the answers. Continue Reading

Going to School. Parenting at Home.

mom child sunsetParenting in College is not an easy thing to do but I have found a way to make it work; I am in advertising after all, so coming up with creative solutions is my forte! Studying and taking care of my daughter became hard so I relocated to Hamilton to be closer to school while my parents take care of her during the week. Prior to this change, I was finding that the distance and time it took to get to and from school (exceeding 3 hrs at times) along with the madness that Canadian winters bring, I just wanted to sleep when I got home. Eventually I felt that taking a grip on reality and asking for help was much needed.

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Determined to Complete My Education

Laura Herbert

Laura Herbert with her son, Thomas.

Through an unexpected pregnancy I was instinctively brought to a stirring Advocacy project to make Mohawk College more accessible to everyone who sets their sights on a higher education. When people think college life, they don’t think of pregnancy, parenthood, childcare costs or sleepless nights; sharing the experience with a child. I myself was once ignorant to the inevitable struggles faced by many or our peers-being a parent while navigating through post-secondary education. Continue Reading