My 3-Year-Old Food Critic

Family cookingSo in my last posts, I was talking about how I was looking for a Direct Sales job but I never mention what my husband did. In the past year, he has gone to school to be a Chef. He makes great food for us to try but I have to remind him that Tabitha, who is 3, is little and can be picky.

Tabitha food staples are apples, grapes, yogurt, noodles/pasta and salad. For her 3rd birthday dinner we went to Mother’s Pizza to make sure there was food she would eat, Mac n’ cheese with french fries. Continue Reading

How to Stay Healthy at School and Work

Young couple joggingSummer is over, and your motivation for that “bikini body” may be withering. With the cool weather approaching, it’s easy to slip into the comfort of complacency. Throughout my college and university career, accompanied by many desk jobs (the biggest culprit of them all) along the way, I’ve encountered and overcame some personal challenges pertaining to overall well being. Whether you’re a first-year party animal, busy grad student, or seasoned professional, here are a few ways to stay balanced, happy, and healthy: Continue Reading

You Are What You Eat

Pizza with tomatoes and cheeseYou are what you eat. So get it close to home.

There’s nothing like the first bite of a homegrown tomato. Sprinkle a little pepper and it’s almost a meal on its own. The farm to table movement has been alive in Hamilton for years; since the late 90’s, LaPiazza Allegra chef Mark Farrugia has been using fresh produce grown in his Father-in-law’s garden. The Bread Bar on Locke Street is built around the use of local ingredients. Other local restauranteurs including The Butcher and Vegan on Barton Street, Aberdeen Tavern in the city’s west end and many others all have constructed menus around seasonal products within a short radius of Hamilton.

With the explosion in popularity of the Food Network, restaurants are even more desired meeting places for experiences with friends and family. Continue Reading