The Importance of Nurturing Relationships

students tableHad someone told me back when I graduated from college how important it was to keep in touch with my alumni classmates, I might have grimaced. After all, let’s face it, we tend to gravitate socially toward people with common interests and who complement our own personality types.

Never discount those relationships, my new alumni cohorts, a little bit of tending goes a long way. One never knows whose path you might cross along life’s journey or whether that previous association might prove beneficial to your career. Continue Reading

Holding on to Mohawk Friendships

Lu Ann and FriendAfter a mini reunion with fellow alumni last month, I realized how lucky I am to still have a connection with friends I’ve made at Mohawk College even with our current long distance.

Without thinking much of it at the time, I moved back to my hometown after graduation, which is about 3 hours away from Hamilton. It took a while to hit me that I wouldn’t see the same people I saw every day for 3 years as often as I’d like anymore. We apply to post secondary school for a great education with a goal to have a career at the end of it. However, we leave with something more—lifelong friendships and memories. They say the friends you make in college are the friends you have for life. If I look back on my college successes today, I know that my closest Mohawk friends shared those moments with me. Continue Reading