Be The Recipe For Change

kitchen - dinnerChange. It frightens us but also inspires. The action around building sustainable communities that can grow as a place for everyone to prosper is moving from idealistic to something very real. Hamilton is brimming with optimism, growth and a fresh attitude of not only what’s possible, but also what has already happened.

The title of this blog entry seems to embody everything I’ve strived to share since joining the ranks of the ABC Blog contributors. It takes each of us, contributing in our own unique way, to make positive change in the community. It cannot happen in isolation, but it can one by one with each business, individual and personal commitment to improve lives. Especially at home, we owe it to one another to create change. Continue Reading

The Spirit of Collaboration

winter glovesA coffee for your socks? In the spirit of collaboration

It’s been successfully implemented in countless marketing campaigns; brands working together to offer a promotional giveaway, contest entry or special event. The good works of Hamilton charitable organizations are amped by the reach and profile of local business, who use a loyal customer base to bring attention to causes seeking support in the form of financial, in-kind, volunteer time and donated goods. This spirit of collaboration during the holiday season holds a weightier impact as entrepreneurs and charities join to make Christmas comfortable for so many facing challenge and hardship. Hamilton has a reputation as a giving community and a leader in volunteerism. Business is leading the charge. Continue Reading

Giving Back Is Good For You


Volunteering or giving back by helping others not only benefits your community, but can also have significant health benefits for you too. According to a variety of studies including this one conducted in 2013 found that 94% of people surveyed say volunteering improves their mood and 96% felt volunteering enriches their sense of purpose in life.

Some of our bloggers have shared their experiences giving back to their communities and why they encourage others to do the same: Continue Reading

Giving back to the community this spring


Found during Escarpment Clean-up.

After graduating from the post-graduate Public Relations program from Mohawk College in 2011, I dived right into a career in the for-profit sector. When I left Mohawk, I thought this business life was for me – I had my heart set on working in an agency and never thought about the not-for-profit sector. Little did I know, I was ignoring what I had always been truly passionate about.

Last year, the business publication I worked for shut its doors. This was my chance to plan out what I truly wanted to get out of my career and the job I would spend five days a week at. Continue Reading