From Flab to Fit: My 1 Year Journey

If someone would have told me a few years ago that today I would be writing about a healthy lifestyle, I’d probably laugh. It’s not because I found the idea of being healthy funny, in fact it’s been a goal of mine for almost my whole life.

For years I struggled with my weight and my health. I was a picky eater growing up, so I didn’t exactly want to eat the most nutritious food. I also had asthma as a kid, which made certain activities and sports difficult to participate in. Because of this, I was a chubby girl, even into my university/college years.

I had gone on diets and workout streaks in the past, but nothing ever seemed to stick. I tended to give up too easily, and every time I gave up, it just led to me putting on more weight. One day last year I weighed in at the highest weight I had ever been in my life, and it terrified me. Continue Reading

Tips to Reduce Party Snacking Indulgence

birthday cake and champagneWhen you’re out at a party, most of us tend to not pay attention and keep track of all the food and calories we are putting into our mouths. However, by letting your guard down for just one night, you allow your body free rein and access to a buffet of calories, fat, and sugar which all add up. I personally can understand the temptations that can appear during a party and wanted to share some tips I use to help maintain a healthy attitude before, during and after a party. Continue Reading

Giving Back Is Good For You


Volunteering or giving back by helping others not only benefits your community, but can also have significant health benefits for you too. According to a variety of studies including this one conducted in 2013 found that 94% of people surveyed say volunteering improves their mood and 96% felt volunteering enriches their sense of purpose in life.

Some of our bloggers have shared their experiences giving back to their communities and why they encourage others to do the same: Continue Reading

7 Wellness Tools To Lift Your Spirits

blinds rain widow

At the start of a school semester most people are feeling happy and excited, they get to meet new people and the sun is shining and warm. But before we know it, winter comes along, the days become gloomy and attitudes become glum. Many people note that their moods vary with the weather, and for some the changing of seasons from summer into winter leads to a form of depression, it is called Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is most common in young adults, especially women in their late teens to early twenties. General effects include fatigue, excessive sleep, and lack of motivation. The cause for Seasonal Affective Disorder remains unknown, but the best theory known is that seasonal changes of light alter our bodies biological rhythms that control processes like our body temperatures and most importantly our sleep cycles! Continue Reading

5 tips for staying active while working at a desk


Recent studies show that people who spend a majority of their career behind a desk job have higher risks of heart disease and certain cancers. The nine to five grind sitting behind a computer can take a serious wear on your body and your mental state.

There are many ways to avoid some of the downfalls of working at a desk. Here are five tips, ideas and useful Smartphone apps on how you can avoid bad habits and stay simulated with a desk job.

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