Becoming an Adult: 2017 Grads

College prepares you for the real world.

We’ve all heard this before. Students juggle school, work, family, friends, and everything in between. This balancing act provides you with the skills necessary to survive in the real world.

Our three 2017 grads are back to share their experiences over the year. This month, we asked our grads what they think are the stresses of being an adult, how they’re preparing for life after college, and any similarities or differences they are anticipating.

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Top 3 Skills Employers are Looking for in Job Seekers

pay phonesEvery job-seeker has at one point had this question cross their mind: “What skills and traits are employers looking for?” Especially as a new graduate, job hunting can be a bit of a scary time trying to find your first real job out of school. Most job-seekers wish they could unlock the secret formula to winning the hearts and minds of employers.  While every job is different and each employer is looking for a specific set of skills, there are some employee traits that are universal across the board that employers are looking for. The good news is that most job seekers possess these skills to some extent.

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Why You Really Didn’t Get The Job

roseThe job interview process can be easily compared to the hit TV Reality Series, The Bachelor. Often scripted, tacky and surreal, both processes rarely bring out the best in participants. There are illusions of grandiose, long-term relationships, expedited in a watered down packaged reality.

Think about it.

Job seekers (contestants) undergo a screening (casting) process in attempts of obtaining an interview (being cast) for the job (series).

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How To Stand Out With Your Resume

bear slippersCapturing someone’s attention and making a great first impression is no easy task, especially when you haven’t met this person in real life. I know personally how much time it takes to craft the perfect resume and to tailor it to each job I’m applying for.

A few months ago I decided to change up my resume to see if it would help get me more interviews (I didn’t seem to be having much luck with my job search). My old resume was very black-and-white and overall plain looking with your basic headlines and text left aligned on the page. Basically put, it looked just like every other resume that crossed a hiring manager’s desk. Obviously, that’s not what I wanted to do when I was trying to stand out. I wanted (and needed) my resume to scream “Pick me!” in a good way to catch the attention of a hiring manager. Continue Reading

Cover Letter Companion

people with papersOften considered the mayo to the proverbial work search sandwich, cover letters are an intriguing job search document.

Why mayo? This condiment can be polarizing; some live by it, some are horrified by its ‘nutritional’ value, and others proceed with ambivalence, they are ignoring this post and enjoying their respective meals.

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