Making a Great First Impression: 4 Tips on Starting a New Job

woman working on laptopStarting a new job can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if it’s your first job out of school or you have to move away from home. I recently started a new job myself and experienced all the normal emotions, from excitement to fear, when faced with being thrown into a new environment full of new things to learn and new challenges to take on.

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Top Questions Asked in Interviews: How to Prepare Yourself

doorwayWouldn’t it be great to just walk into a job interview knowing exactly what questions will be asked of you? Just imagine how more confident we’d all be!

While we’re not mind readers, it’s important to be prepared to respond effectively to the questions that employers typically ask during an interview. Here is a list of some common interview questions below and the best way to go about answering them: Continue Reading

The Road to Success is Never Straight


I have always considered myself an introvert. Growing up, I was that quiet child that liked to read instead of playing outside with all the other kids and got A’s in everything but oral communication. I always thought I would go into something mundane and prosperous like finance or accounting. Fast forward twenty-something years, and I’m currently doing the exact opposite: marketing and communications. Did I ever think that I would end up pursuing a career that forces me to utilize my biggest fear? Of course not.

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Job Fair Not-So Confidential

photo credit: Senator Mark Warner via photopin cc

photo credit: Senator Mark Warner

Job Fair season is now upon us! There is nothing quite like a Job Fair to size up competition and brush up on your own professional acumen.

Essentially, Job Fairs represent a professional one-night stand. Whether you are looking for work, more work or better work,  attending Job Fairs is a fantastic way to see what’s out there without making any kinds of commitments.

As someone who has attended Job Fairs as both a job seeker and recruiter, I’m happy to provide you with some tips to make you stand out…in a good way.

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