Future Goals: 2017 Grads

Young girl in a deep thoughtsRemember the stress?

Heading into mid-terms as the graduation finish-line is getting closer and closer everyday.  The need to focus on school, and other commitments while trying not to forget the next step is finding a job.

This year we’re following three 2017 grads as they share their experiences over the year. This month, we asked our 2017 grads how they create goals for themselves and looking forward to life after Mohawk, what are some of those goals? Continue Reading

Get a “Real” Job

girl with guitarBeing a film graduate, it is easy to see that I am a creative person, and as a creative person, I can also vouch for the fact that an artistic career in any medium is tricky to come by. While I was studying film in Oakville, my professors encouraged us to have a “homework free” job while we worked on our own projects after graduation. What they meant by that was “Pay your bills, but always have time to create” and this is some of the best advice I got while in college the first time. Continue Reading

Changing Perspectives For Job Seekers and Employers

computer work meetingWorking in the field of employment consulting I’ve seen many changes over the years. Having built relationships with employers from many sectors, I think I have a good handle on their recruitment expectations. Likewise, in coaching individuals on their job search plans, I’m required to get a good feel for their educational, work history and overall employment goals. What I’ve learned is that there is a huge disconnect between both–and with reason. Continue Reading