Adapted Aquatics Lessons

swimming pool funAs a teen, I considered myself fortunate that some of my Catholic friends invited me to the ‘Adapted Aquatics’ swim program for youth with disabilities at the Dalewood Pool. These friends were volunteering through their high-school but more importantly were trying to avoid early Sunday Mass. I was just trying to avoid church. Truthfully, I think the life lessons I learnt in that pool as a volunteer have been as strong as the ones I have learnt later in life when I did return to church.

What I witnessed during those years volunteering was dedication to someone outside oneself, exuberant joy, tears, confidence building and teenage silliness in full force. There was occasionally a bit of pity for those who were ‘different’. The dedication started with the organizers from a local service club, adult leaders, volunteers and families.

There were some tears when a youth could not do something on land. Once in the pool however, there was such a transformation! Some of the youth just wanted to be normal kids with no restrictions, some just wanted to quietly float. Continue Reading

The Power of Asking

sparklerUsually something big starts from something that was once smallan idea. Ideas are often rustling throughout my mind on various things in my life. From freelance work, to blogging, to family stuff, ideas are something that will never end. After College, I began to understand how important it is to take your idea and run with it. One thing that I have learned from that is to not be afraid to ask for something that you need to help take action and turn that idea into reality. Continue Reading

Lessons Learned From Rejection


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Last week I was declined entry into a university program I very much wanted to gain admission to. What the heck! I have a college diploma, certificates, and numerous university and college Continuing Education courses; I also have the years of work experience required for the field.

I was dumbfounded by the denial of my application. Continue Reading

The Teachings of Mr. Elmer

image source: Nic McPhee

Image source: Flickr user Nic McPhee

The six of us sat around the dinner table in his spacious apartment. Mr. Elmer treated us, his journalism students, to lunch before we went on our separate ways. We were the last graduating class as Mohawk College was phasing out the journalism program. For a few hours, the demure professor played the host competently.
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