Sharing Environments Equals Good Business

Collaboration - group of people around computer

photo credit: tronathan

In larger companies and independent business, the silo treatment – working in isolation – is almost always a guarantee to fall short of achieving goals. I believe in words like collaboration, dialogue and alignment. Each of these suggests the spirit of coming together and leveraging collective skill sets for success. Departmental resources, subject matter experts and a range of past experience can combine for a powerful end result.

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Immersed in Culture at McKeil Marine

alumni-blog-entry14.1The only constant is change. Cliché I’ll concede, however also true in practice. I’ve recently made a career move that finds me joining the team at Hamilton based McKeil Marine. McKeil is a name familiar firstly to those in the marine transportation industry and has also risen in prominence in the community due in part to its relationship with Mohawk College. The McKeil School of Business links the company to one of the city’s major academic institutions. Blair McKeil has made a personal commitment to supporting post-secondary education and fostering growth in local entrepreneurship. This is a relationship being brought to life in many ways; actively participating in events, development activities and visiting the school to mentor students and provide support for business programs. Continue Reading