It Started With a Soundtrack

Have you ever listened to the radio and when a certain song comes on you are transported instantly to that moment in time when it was your favourite song? Well, as a graduate of the Television Broadcasting Class of ’84, every time I hear Roxanne or Burning Down the House I’m brought back to those long days in the studio. I remember hating Tainted Love the first few times I heard it, but now when it plays I can’t help but smile. I’m immersed in a vivid, tangible memory from college. Continue Reading

‘Memories and friends that will last a lifetime’: My College Days

Felicia (bride) with her Mohawk friends, (l-r) Ellen Alstein, Karina Mankinen, and Jessica Stacey (Faria)

Felicia (bride) with her Mohawk friends, (l-r) Ellen Alstein, Karina Mankinen, and Jessica Stacey (Faria)

I was at Mohawk College for three years, fresh out of high school. Everyone said, your college years are your best, but for me, those years didn’t become the best years until towards the end. It took me a while to find my place at Mohawk, to find my friends, to manage my time better, to find solid roommates and to figure out where I wanted to go in life – which is something I am still figuring out.

One of my favourite recollections of my time as a college student is how certain a friendship grew. Karina Mankinen and I were both enrolled in the Tourism and Travel program at the same time. It took a year and half for us to have the same schedules. We were always just missing each other. Continue Reading

‘Jeans were tight and hair was big’: My College Days

1989 Mohawk College Fennell CampusI went to Mohawk for Business Administration right after high school; 1987 through 1990. It was a different time from the hyper-sensitive, politically correct generation of today. Jeans were tight and hair was big; people talked on phones and face-to-face and we were there to learn something so we could get a job and get on with life.

I remember those awesome chocolate brown bricks were still pretty cool. I couldn’t figure out what career options those students in F-Wing could ever have.

The 4.77 mhz IBM Personal Computers were blazing a trail through BBSs around the globe and the World Wide Web was just an embryo at the time. Continue Reading