Staying Stress-Free During the Holiday Season

ribbons-and-bowsDo you start to feel a bit stressed during this time of the year? I have a December birthday so I don’t usually like to talk about the holiday season until after my birthday celebrations are over with. Unfortunately, with that, I begin to feel extremely busy with a bunch of last minute Christmas errands. This usually results in some stress, which isn’t great in general, but especially not around this time of the year.

Here are three things that may be at the top of your Christmas stress list and some tips to help you de-stress so that you can enjoy this time of the year for what it truly is. Continue Reading

Money: Make It, Keep It, Spend It

business calculatorFor the record, I’m not a certified financial anything! I’m just a guy who grew up poor, worked at all sorts of jobs, went to Mohawk twice and found myself a comfortable niche.  My advice comes from the ups and downs of my life experience.

A lot of people say: do what you love, chase your dreams, etc. Well that’s nice, but it’s hard to buy food with a dream or pay hydro bills with a cliché these days!

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Surprise Expenses

calculation-390319_1280Even though most of my education and training surrounds science and engineering, I’ve always been fascinated by financial planning. I’ve heard and read many different financial planning “experts” and their own versions of how to save money and plan for your future. They all make it sound so easy. However, I’ve found through my own experiences and the experiences of others that it’s far from it. Continue Reading