Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Networking

women talking people We live in a time where convenience is king and all that we could possibly need is available at our fingertips. With a few quick keystrokes we can order food, apply for a job or become a friend. The wonder of the Internet has enabled us to find information about almost any subject. Even with all this digital power, we need much more to feel complete. We need in-person human interaction.

To land a new job, make a new (real) friend, or find a new customer, we must build relationships. Networking is one of the most powerful ways to build relationships.  Many people aren’t comfortable in networking situations but that is likely because they don’t get enough practice. We are often uncomfortable networking because we feel the need to act differently than we normally do. One of the keys to effective networking is to be genuine. Behave like yourself, not a pumped-up facsimile trying to be something you’re not. Continue Reading

Making Connections on Social Media

social mediaRegular use of social media has become part of the norm for most people. Social media platforms enable the quick exchange of messages between people all over the globe. Some social media platforms are easier to use and some take a little bit of practice. Many businesses are using social media for marketing and promotions, and to engage their customers. Continue Reading

The Power of Networking

meeting new peopleEver heard the saying, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know? This statement rings true quite often. It refers to the fact that sometimes the more qualified individual doesn’t get the job over the less qualified individual who happens to know the right people. That is what I call the power of networking. The main focus of networking should be to establish professional connections that may produce advantageous results for one or both parties. Keep an open mind because you never know who you will meet! Continue Reading

Mix & Mingle this December

bar networking people

December is a great month for reflection, a chance to make new connections for 2015 and also gives you the opportunity to get in the holiday networking mood. Luckily for Hamilton networkers, there is an array of mixers to attend and get your mingling on.

Here are three holiday networking events for the communications and media professional working or looking to get their foot in the Hamilton community.

Continue Reading