Volunteering to Opportunity: Heather Beale ’01

After moving from a small town to attend Mohawk College for Radio Broadcasting in the late 1990’s, graduate Heather Beale (nee McClellan) had no intention of moving back home. She recalls telling her mom when returning to Mohawk for her third year, “I’m hoping not to return home. Nothing against you, but I’m hoping to branch out on my own and be my own person.” Continue Reading

Patience… and a Little Luck

crossed fingersI’ve often heard over the years that in this complicated world of business, you have to go out there and find your own opportunities. You shouldn’t just sit there and wait for opportunities to come to you. I’ve always agreed with this idea, but at the same time, I also believe that things don’t always have to be so rigidly ‘black and white” like that. In other words, there are other ideas that can be utilized to help make this more manageable.

The most important one that I’ve used is developing my own personal network of business associates. I always have business friends and associates out there spreading positive words about me, in the hopes that it will one day generate a special call of some sort. This actually happened to me recently. Continue Reading