My Photographic Journey Learning About Slacklining

Hanging on

Participant resting on the slackline before attempting another walk…It is a long way down!

Hi my name is Bill West and I graduated from Mohawk Business Admin way back in 1988.

After many years of using my phone as my camera I finally purchased a DSLR for myself this past Christmas. I have owned “real’ cameras in the past however I had never made the foray into the Digital Photography world and I am so glad I did!

I’ve taken my camera to California, Las Vegas and many other places in the first few months and I plan on taking it to many more. Continue Reading

3 Things I Learned Hosting My Own Workshop

workshop 2I recently hosted my first full weekend workshop at a local gallery in my hometown. Since the gallery put the workshop on, I did not have to worry about getting participants. My job was simple; show up and teach.

My workshop was called;  Making Photos, and it was a class designed for photographers of any skill level with any camera looking to improve their lighting and composition in their photography. Here is what I learned: Continue Reading

Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Wedding Photographer

I never imagined that I would be working from home. I always loved going into the office and working in a team setting. I first started working from home last summer when I was working as a photographer/videographer for an ESL school. They didn’t have an office for me at the school so I had to do my editing at home. I would spend my days of shooting and my evenings at home editing. This opened my eyes to a whole new way of working.

I am currently working for a couple weekly clients, and the rest are new or seasonal depending on the project. I have been successfully working from home, and I learned a few things that I wish someone would of told me when I started.

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