How To Properly Load the Dishwasher: The First Six Months of Marriage

My husband and I met at Mohawk, we have enjoyed eight blissful years of courtship, we survived the long distance struggle shortly after graduating while we both moved away to begin our careers, we bought and renovated a home together, we started a business together, and planned a wedding for 250 guests with relative ease. So after saying our “I Do’s” and settling back in to regular every-day life we thought things would continue on in a similar fashion and we were right…for the most part.

When we first got engaged, we received a plethora of unsolicited marriage advice from kind heart-ed well-meaning people who drove me to drink and I promise I won’t subject you to the same nauseating list of fortune cookie sayings. Instead, here’s a list of the things that you won’t find in a fortune cookie, but you sometimes need to hear: Continue Reading

Being Vulnerable

on ledgeVulnerability.

What is it? A weakness, a deficit or shortfall of ourselves? Like the Man of Steel’s vulnerability to Kryptonite? It’s something that I have always been curious about academically and professionally as a social worker. Personally, it’s something I’ve been tangled up into and struggling to live with, longer than what I’d be willing to admit. Continue Reading

The Importance of Nurturing Relationships

students tableHad someone told me back when I graduated from college how important it was to keep in touch with my alumni classmates, I might have grimaced. After all, let’s face it, we tend to gravitate socially toward people with common interests and who complement our own personality types.

Never discount those relationships, my new alumni cohorts, a little bit of tending goes a long way. One never knows whose path you might cross along life’s journey or whether that previous association might prove beneficial to your career. Continue Reading