How To Stand Out With Your Resume

bear slippersCapturing someone’s attention and making a great first impression is no easy task, especially when you haven’t met this person in real life. I know personally how much time it takes to craft the perfect resume and to tailor it to each job I’m applying for.

A few months ago I decided to change up my resume to see if it would help get me more interviews (I didn’t seem to be having much luck with my job search). My old resume was very black-and-white and overall plain looking with your basic headlines and text left aligned on the page. Basically put, it looked just like every other resume that crossed a hiring manager’s desk. Obviously, that’s not what I wanted to do when I was trying to stand out. I wanted (and needed) my resume to scream “Pick me!” in a good way to catch the attention of a hiring manager. Continue Reading

The MOST Important Career Question Answered!

laundromatDeeply motivated by real life situations, I find myself inspired to share what I feel is the most important of all career related questions:

“Should I pay a Professional for Career Related Services?”

Prior to paying for Career Services of any kind, note that there are many fantastic, free resources available within your community or school.

Sometimes, job seekers or those in transition come to a point where they want to hire a professional for the next stages of their career. Or, they just want to pay someone to get whatever needs to be done fast and cheap.

I would like to share my current situation, and how exactly it relates back to yours. Continue Reading

The First Four Steps In The Big World

photo credit: donnierayjones via photopin cc

photo credit: donnierayjones

I first graduated from Mohawk in 2013, then I decided to continue and get my post-graduate diploma in Public Relations as my final “Hurrah!” With hundreds of potential candidates entering the workforce at the same time, it is easy to quickly lose your confidence and get swallowed up by the intimidation of the fierce competition. There is no question that the education I received from Mohawk College plays a huge part of who I am today, and for that I am forever grateful. However, everyone should take these 4 steps into consideration to make sure they are on their A-Game while entering the great big world.

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Job Fair Not-So Confidential

photo credit: Senator Mark Warner via photopin cc

photo credit: Senator Mark Warner

Job Fair season is now upon us! There is nothing quite like a Job Fair to size up competition and brush up on your own professional acumen.

Essentially, Job Fairs represent a professional one-night stand. Whether you are looking for work, more work or better work,  attending Job Fairs is a fantastic way to see what’s out there without making any kinds of commitments.

As someone who has attended Job Fairs as both a job seeker and recruiter, I’m happy to provide you with some tips to make you stand out…in a good way.

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