Going Back To College

Nancy BryansGoing back to college was a big deal for me. At 49, with 3 kids still in elementary school, a puppy-ish dog at home, and a husband who worked shifts, it proved to be an adventure with challenges on multiple levels. The laundry, the dishes, making meals and housecleaning, dropped in the level of priorities, however, I was still able to juggle attending parent focused events at my children’s schools and participate as needed.

In addition to attending full time during regular semesters, I chose to continue on during the summer, plus find an on-campus position to earn some extra money. I began as a team member, then a team leader for the Leave the Pack Behind Program (LTPB). There were many nights I said goodnight to my kids and stayed up until I saw the sun rise, in order to juggle everything. Thankfully, my spouse was supportive, my kids let me do my homework in peace and my dog was on hand for snuggles when I needed them. Continue Reading

Not an Easy Path

Lioness and her cubs

photo by: sxc user jede_hoog

Like many students I am leaving school with a student loan, and looking at that 5 figure amount I owe is almost unbearable. Most of my student loan went to childcare fees, almost $20,000 to be more specific. Many parents look at the realities of obtaining a post-secondary education and shy away from pursuit because of this reality. It’s not that I didn’t try to get assistance to make sure that this didn’t happen, but the reality is the assistance doesn’t exist. Getting on Hamilton’s childcare subsidy list was easy, but the weeks of waiting turned into months and the months turned into almost two years. Continue Reading