Look back, but always look ahead.

It’s a word often associated with celebration of something achieved due to the efforts of the past and leading to the present day. For me, milestones are as much about looking forward and springing from the success of longevity for future success.

In Hamilton, we’ve been part of recent milestones from established big business. In 2012, The Hamilton Port Authority, where I began my career, marked 100 years of managing the commercial shipping activity in the port – contributing to economic growth and job creation in the transportation sector. Last year, The Hamilton Spectator celebrated 170 years; delivering the news of the day to the community and engaging citizens on a myriad of issues affecting so many in the city.

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Defining Success On Your Own Terms

photo credit: Wonderlane via photopin cc

photo credit: Wonderlane

Society has a way of embedding a perfect image of success into our minds in a very one-dimensional way. On billboards, in commercials, or in the lyrics of the latest Top 40 songs—society tells us how to dress, what to drive, where to live, and everything in between.

But gone are the days when success meant living the American Dream—a big house with a white picket fence, a stable, 9-to-5 job, being happily married with children, and a shiny, red, Mustang convertible.

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The Road to Success is Never Straight


I have always considered myself an introvert. Growing up, I was that quiet child that liked to read instead of playing outside with all the other kids and got A’s in everything but oral communication. I always thought I would go into something mundane and prosperous like finance or accounting. Fast forward twenty-something years, and I’m currently doing the exact opposite: marketing and communications. Did I ever think that I would end up pursuing a career that forces me to utilize my biggest fear? Of course not.

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