The Turning Point

There are moments in my life that I know, looking back, were turning points for me. Either I was at a crossroads, or in some cases feeling like I was at a dead end, and needed to figure out a way to forge ahead. The wake of some of these turning points rippled through a decade or more of knowing people, seeing places and experiencing things that I never would have otherwise.

They can all be traced back to one decision. Continue Reading

I’m Smart Enough For The Trades

female electricianI’m amazed by how little the average person knows about the trades industry.  And how could they know? In my experience, our educational culture pushes university and college as education options. Trades being for those not smart enough for college or university is a harsh stigma that I’ve witnessed. This misconception frustrates me.

I’ve heard, “you’re so smart, why did you get into the trades instead of going to university?” Trades school is a condensed set number of weeks where you’re expected to retain a lot of information. The theory component is just as important as the physical work. You have to stay on top of the assignments, and tests. There is no slacking your way through. You either know it or you don’t. Continue Reading