The Number One Thing Writing Has Taught Me

tea notebookWithin the last year the amount I have been writing has increased daily. I was presented an opportunity that, even though I spent countless moments going back and forth with it, I ultimately could not pass up. I knew since then that I had to buckle down and start writing, and writing and writing, seriously, too. There was no longer time for constant stares at blank pages. There were deadlines to be met and readers to impress. There was also one big fear to overcome. One big lesson to learn. Continue Reading

Cover Letter Companion

people with papersOften considered the mayo to the proverbial work search sandwich, cover letters are an intriguing job search document.

Why mayo? This condiment can be polarizing; some live by it, some are horrified by its ‘nutritional’ value, and others proceed with ambivalence, they are ignoring this post and enjoying their respective meals.

Job seekers take a similar, eclectic approach to cover letters. Continue Reading

Why Your Résumé Sucks!

Now that I have your attention, please keep reading.

There’s a strong possibility that I don’t like your résumé. “Not MY résumé!?!” Yes, especially YOUR résumé!

Just to clarify, before I continue, I have several years of résumé writing and critiquing experience, working with students, graduates and employers, teaching classes, delivering seminars and special events with résumé development as the focus.

Enough about my credentials. Let’s get to the matter at hand, improving your résumé. If any of the following statements resonate with your most important job search document, then its time to reassess. Continue Reading